New Album “Who Mourns for the Morning Star”

The eagerly awaited new studio album will be released on High Roller Records on April 21st NP-Morning-Star2017. The opus is entitled “Who Mourns for the Morning Star”. The superb cover painting was done by Alexander Von Wieding. The acclaimed artist was also responsible for the “Resist or Serve” and “Eye of the Sun” album sleeves. George Call and Danny White make their recording debut with the band on Lead Vocals and Drums respectively. Lee Payne as ever is on bass with Luke Hatton and Chris Coss completing the line up on twin lead guitar attack. Patrick W. Engel handled the production on “Who Mourns for the Morning Star”. He and the band promise it is the greatest Cloven Hoof album to date. The album will be available on Purple, Orange and Black vinyl. Full track listing coming soon.